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Frequently Asked Questions

We're an online marketplace that connects members with the best coaches. Our platform allows members and coaches to experience only the benefits of coaching without any administrative burden. All facets of our platform are built with the member-coach relationship in mind, leading to a fully transparent and beautifully integrated approach to your pursuit of self-improvement.

Coaching is results-driven mentorship that empowers you to take action in creating a better future. Your coach will work with you to outline your dreams, goals, and purpose. The foundation for your relationship will be built on data, grounded in research and experience, and powered by vision and action. Working with a Moxii coach ensures you are met with support and accountability every step of your growth journey.

Moxii coaches are personally vetted by our team through a comprehensive application process to ensure that only the most committed coaches are featured on our platform. Our coaches have dedicated their lives to creating unlocks for our members. They are leaders in their fields, visionaries, and motivational luminaries.

You'll be able to schedule your time with your coach based on the times that work for you through your member dashboard. Booking and payment are a seamless process so you can focus fully on your transformational journey.

Once you've selected your coach, you can communication easily with them between sessions through our messaging system in your member dashboard.

To respect our members and our coaches time, we offer a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellation received via message through your Moxii member dashboard prior to 48 hours from the appointment will result in a 100% refund. Unfortunately if we receive less than 48 hours notice from your appointment, you will be responsible for the fee associated with the appointment.

We ask that you are mindful of logging into your appointment on time to ensure a productive session with your coach. Please understand that we bill members for the full session and are not able to go over the allotted time, even if you are late.

We want to hear from you! You can submit your question to our support team immediate here to, or call us at (707)-563-9225 to reach a member of our customer support team.

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